Takeovers & Acquisitions

One of the popular methods of expansion of business apart from an amalgamation is to Takeover or Acquire another entity. Such Takeover and Acquisition requires professional, competent and knowledgeable legal assistance, which is available with the promoters of Lex Valorem. The legal assistance that can be effectively rendered by Lex Valorem for any proposed Takeover is as follows.

  • To undertake extensive Due Diligence of the target company to ensure a smooth take over without any legal repercussion on the Acquirer/Client.
  • If required by the Client to assist the target companies in the compliances to ensure all conditions precedent are met by the target company prior to Takeover by the Client.
  • To provide an extensive and comprehensive Due Diligence Report enabling the Client to understand its position on Takeover of the target company.
  • To assist the Client on all negotiations required to effect the proposed Acquisition.
  • To undertake drafting of all required agreements like share purchase agreements, indemnity and others.
  • To assist the Client in all statutory compliances, post Acquisition and as required.
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