Company Secretarial Services

Post incorporation of the corporate entity, all corporate secretarial assistance required to maintain minute books, registers and others vis-à-vis corporate governances would be rendered with high level of professionalism.

 Prior to maintaining of Minutes Books, Registers and others a proper meeting should be convened where decisions for corporate administration is taken forming the basis of the activities of the corporate entity.

Drawing the Agenda is crucial for administrative purpose of the corporate entity and to further ensure that the business of the corporate entity is carried on effortlessly. Lex Valorem with its vast company secretarial experience has specialized in drafting the above and would render high end professional services for the following:

  • Drawing up the Agenda for meetings of the corporate entity with detailed Agenda Notes to ensure clarity on the agenda items. Agenda notes provided to the Directors/Shareholders of the corporate entity would be exhaustive providing all required details to the Directors/Shareholders and would enable smooth conduct of the meeting.
  • Notes provided by Lex Valorem would further enable Directors/Shareholders attending the meetings to consider the Agenda in detail and accordingly take a decision on the same to cast their vote on the resolutions placed.
  • If required Lex Valorem would attend the meetings of the corporate entity to observe the conduct of the meetings and further if required shall assist in the conduct of the meetings. However, Lex Valorem at no point of time would interfere or influence the meeting in any manner and Lex Valorem would maintain professional decorum at all times.
  • Lex Valorem would draft and draw the minutes of all meetings held by the corporate entity and whether attended by any representative of Lex Valorem or not. The minutes of all meetings would be drafted based on the reports of the Chairman and with inputs from the Chairman of the meetings. The minutes drafted by Lex Valorem would accordingly reflect the proceedings of the meeting and record the proceedings for implementation and future reference.
  • All entries to be made in the Minutes Books, Statutory Registers and others as required on conclusions arrived at duly convened and conducted meetings would be strictly adhered to by Lex Valorem and Lex Valorem would also maintain all Registers, statutory records and others as required under corporate statutes.
  • All follow up with statutory authorities on compliances would be undertaken by Lex Valorem. All assistance rendered by Lex Valorem as above would ensure that the Client does not become answerable for any non compliance under any statute relating to corporate governance.
  • For Joint Ventures companies and 100% foreign owned subsidiaries, Lex Valorem would function as an ‘in-house Company Secretary’ by coordinating with the Joint Venture partners, Directors, CEOs, Auditors, holding company, their legal counsel etc. to ensure satisfactory Company Secretarial services. 
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