Mergers & Amalgamations

On establishment of a corporate entity, business might require expansion through mergers and amalgamations with any other entity. Lex Valorem with its panel of experts is well equipped to assist in such mergers and amalgamations of corporate entities as required by the Client. Lex Valorem having established professionals in the field would undertake the following to effect the required merger/amalgamation of the Client with another corporate entity.

  • Drafting of the Scheme of Amalgamation based on the terms of the merger.
  • Drafting of suitable Application to be filed in the Hon’ble High Court having jurisdiction to procure the required orders for conduct of shareholders/creditors meetings.
  • To appear before the concerned jurisdictional Hon’ble High Court to procure the required orders as above.
  • To render all assistance required to conduct the shareholders and creditors meetings as directed by the Hon’ble High Court on Application made.
  • Drafting of the Petition post meeting as above and also to effect appearance in the Hon’ble High Court having jurisdiction.
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