Management of the Company

The success of a corporate entity is totally dependant on the efficient management of the corporate entity and all personnel relating to the management of the corporate entity are the key players for the same. Therefore it is essential that the terms of appointment and the role of the key players are examined in detail which would reflect the health of the corporate entity. The same would be the subject matter of the Due Diligence exercise and Lex Valorem would examine in detail the following :

  • The list of Directors with personal details relating to them, details of their Directorship in other corporate entities, extent of any interest of Directors in transactions relating to the corporate entity of the personal guarantees provided by the Directors on behalf of the corporate entity, loans availed by such Directors, loans provided by the Directors, remuneration paid to Executive Directors and other relevant information relating to Directors of the corporate entity and a complete report would be provided to the Client.
  • All matters relating to meetings of the Board of Directors, the minimum quorum requirements, role of Chairman, etc, would also be examined by Lex Valorem.
  • Terms of appointment of the key personnel, remuneration paid, employee agreements, share options provided, incentive schemes, welfare schemes including standard disciplinary procedure followed by the corporate entity, all agreements and contracts relating to the key personnel would be inspected and information culled.
  • All litigation and other legal proceedings against the corporate entity and as relating to its Directors, key personnel or other employees would also be investigated both at the office of the corporate entity from the records maintained by it and if required at the Courts having jurisdiction over such matters.
  • The authorized, issued and paid up capital of the corporate entity would be provided to the Client including details of major shareholders, their rights and obligations as relating to the corporate entity. All commitments, agreements to create issue, transfer any of the securities of the corporate entity and all rights attached to any debt security of the corporate entity would be detailed and provided to the Client.
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