Legal Due Diligence

Legal Due Diligence exercises are essential prior to any merger, amalgamation, takeover or acquisition. Lex Valorem has the required expertise to undertake all legal due diligence exercise for the sole purpose of investigating the corporate health of the target company. Lex Valorem would not only provide a comprehensive due diligence report but also a status report of the target company required to rectify any lapses, non compliances etc,

Lex Valorem not only undertakes due diligences for purpose of mergers, acquisitions, etc, but also as an independent, stand alone assignment. Lex Valorem also assists its Client by undertaking a due diligence to ensure compliances, point out lapses, etc. and also provide recommendatory steps and follow up action to rectify the non compliances/lapses.  This is in the nature of a ‘Voluntary Legal Audit’.

 Legal Due Diligence is crucial to take an intelligent and knowledgeable decision on take over, amalgamation, etc. It is also crucial to set right any lapses, non compliances, etc by a corporate entity and Lex Valorem with its panel of experts would assist the Client in ensuring all compliances are met and also further ensure a good comprehensive report on the corporate entity is generated as beneficial to the Client. The following parameters would be considered and examined by Lex Valorem to provide a comprehensive Due Diligence report .

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