Intellectual Proprietary Rights

While conducting business, the corporate entity would generate and develop Intellectual Proprietary Rights as exclusive to the corporate entity. Lex Valorem is qualified to examine the validity of such Intellectual Proprietary Rights as relating to the following:

  • Patent and design including registrations obtained, description of inventions relating to patent and design, pending applications, details of patents available with the corporate entity, etc.
  • License agreement, User Agreement and other agreements relating to Intellectual Proprietary Rights whether belonging to any third party but utilized by the corporate entity and as provided by the corporate entity to any third party. All details relating to any actual and potential claims by employees and third parties relating to any Intellectual Proprietary Rights as belonging and claimed by the corporate entity.
  • All details relating to trademark, registration of trademark certification, etc and all License Agreements, Royalty Agreement and other agreements, etc, would also be examined in detail and report provided to the Clients.
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