Immovable and Movable Assets

All matters relating to the assets of the corporate entity whether immoveable or moveable property including free hold, lease hold or other rights would be reported to the Client to enable the Client to make an intelligent assessment of the value of the corporate entity. Lex Valorem is qualified to undertake the following:

  • All title scrutiny as relating to the immoveable and moveable property of the corporate entity to verify the rights, claims and title of the corporate entity to the property whether arising out of various agreements, documents, deeds or otherwise would be undertaken and a detailed report provided on nature of interest, rights, title and liabilities and third party claims, etc, as may arise from such rights.
  • All charges and other encumbrances created by the corporate entity over all its moveable and immoveable properties would be examined and if required an examination conducted at the concerned Office of the Registrar of Companies.
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