Corporate Information

Corporate information is the basis on which the Due Diligence report would be developed and would be as relating to the incorporation of the corporate entity, the statutory compliances regarding the same, etc. The following would be investigated by Lex Valorem as relating to the genesis of the corporate entity.

  • Examination of the incorporation information including information relating to the Promoters, status of corporate entity, subsidiary companies, if any and also the Certificate of Incorporation issued by the concerned Registrar of Companies.
  • The Memorandum and Articles of Association of the corporate entity would be examined in detail to ensure that the activities undertaken by the corporate entity is in terms of the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association would be carefully examined especially as relating to restrictions imposed therein and as relating to transfer of shares, management of the corporate entity, role of the Managing Director, the rights of the Chairman, etc.
  • All information relating to situation of registered office, principal office, branch office, place of business, situation of factory, ware house, godowns, etc. would be gathered as relating to the corporate entity including communication details relating to telephone, fax, e-mail ID, etc.
  • All details relating to the Company Secretary if any, managerial personnel, auditors of the corporate entity and other key personnel of the corporate entity would be gathered and provided to the Client.
  • All details relating to statutory registers, records and books of the company would be provided to the Client and all statutory books, registers, records would be examined in detail to provide the Client with a status report relating to the activities and day to day affairs of the corporate entity.
  • In the event of the corporate entity being a listed entity, the Listing Agreement would be examined in detail and report provided thereat.
  • All matters relating to the mergers, amalgamations, take over, accquisition, re-arrangement being undertaken or proposed to be undertaken by the corporate entity would be examined and provided in detail to the Client.


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