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Business Agreements

Thanks to economic globalization, no business is a stand alone activity but is interlinked with the other corporate entities, individuals or others. Infact most businesses are interdependent on inputs from one another not only to achieve projected results but also to achieve expansion of any business undertaken. Lex Valorem has specialized in drafting various agreements and has also specialized in negotiating on behalf of the Client to arrive at mutually accepted terms and conditions for entering into the following agreements.

  • The IT sector is a sector of interdependence and requires agreements relating to software developments, software implementation, hardware supply and other related services. Lex Valorem assists in drafting of Software Development Agreements, Software Implementation Agreements, Software Consultancy Agreements and related Non Disclosure Agreements, Confidentiality Undertaking, Non Compete and others.
  • Drafting of Master Service Agreements, Consultancy Agreements, Technical Collaboration Agreements, Outsourcing Agreements is an another field of specialization of Lex Valorem having been associated with such transactions over a period of time.
  • Drafting of financial documents whether on behalf of the Fund or Client and as relating to venture capital assistance, term loan assistance, PE assistance, etc would be meticulously handled by Lex Valorem for the benefit of its Client.


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